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My mission is to create art that you can envision in your home and that every time you pass it, it will bring you joy.

I'm a Pennsylvania based artist living outside of Harrisburg with my hockey-loving husband, and 2 kids. Most days you can find me with the kids taking walks, visiting the library, or at our neighborhood pool in the summertime. I moved my art studio to the dining room so I can swipe my paintbrush between meals and the baby's naps.

I am most passionate about my close-knit family and friends. I live within 10 miles of everyone and I couldn't be more grateful. I have dreams to travel more, but for now, I'm happy in our little town painting and raising our kids with my husband.

When I’m not busy painting, you can find me catching up with Ina Garten on The Food Network, taking walks around our neighborhood, at the craft brewery about a mile from our house, or at Bruster's getting some homemade orange sherbet.

I graduated from Kutztown University with a BFA and a concentration in Graphic Design and Advertising Design. I have worked for 2 large wall decor companies since graduating in 2009 and I have studied and researched the world of wall art. It's an ever-changing market and keeping on trend is always at the top of my mind. I took the leap to be my own boss and art director after my daughter was born and I am finally able to create from my experiences and travel. It's freeing and exciting to be able to create art that will grace the walls of art lovers, color lovers and seekers of happiness. 

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